Rockwell Circular Saw

Rockwell Circular Saw, Jig Saw, Sliding Compound & Reciprocating Saws

For timber, wood, steel or other materials that require the clean, angled cut of a power saw, consider a Rockwell circular saw or one of many other types of Rockwell saws known for precision handling, safety, and quality. Hardware Shop To You carries the Rockwell circular saw, sliding compound saw, jigsaw, and reciprocating saw for all variety of power sawing needs from carpentry projects to demolition work and construction.

Tips Regarding a Rockwell Sliding Compound Saw or Circular Saw

A sliding compound saw is a tool for heavy-duty work that requires power and versatility, while a circular saw is a staple for any carpenter and many construction projects, so having both saws should cover a range of power sawing needs for any project. Here are tips when you shop:

  • Cutting Capacity – The cutting capacity of the saw will tell you the degree of the angle it can cut on the face (mitre) or thickness (bevel) of the material, which is an important factor as you shop for a power saw for your work. A circular saw can do mitre cuts, but if you need both mitre and bevel, you should get a Rockwell mitre sliding compound saw.
  • Power – Another important factor to consider is the power of a saw. For tough materials such as timber or metal, you will need more power to slice through it. The Rockwell Circular Saw has a 1200W motor, and the mitre saw runs on an 18V battery. 
  • Handling and Weight – Another key factor to consider is handling, which is to say, comfort. You should feel comfortable handling the saw for precise cuts. For a portable saw such as the Rockwell Sliding Compound Saw, it should be a comfortable weight to carry and handle with ease. 

What You Can Expect from Hardware Shop To You re Rockwell Jig Saw or Rockwell Reciprocating Saw

Our portable power tools, the Rockwell Jig Saw and the Rockwell Reciprocating Saw are perfect for DIY carpentry and construction projects around the house with convenience and portability in mind. 

  • Lightweight – These Rockwell portable power saws are lightweight—less than 2kg—making them perfect for use in a variety of carpentry projects around the house with easy handling. 
  • Cordless Convenience – The Rockwell brand jigsaw and reciprocating saws are part of the Rockwell cordless tool range, making them convenient for use anywhere without requiring a power source nearby. They run on 18V lithium batteries that you can recharge.
  • Tool-less Blade Change – Both of these power saws have tool-less blade change, making blade swaps simple and meaning you don’t have to use additional gear.

Why Customer Should Buy from Hardware Shop To You

For more than 30 years we have been worked in the hardware tools and supplies industry. Stocking high-quality brands that we know and trust, we are proud to offer a wide selection of products and superior customer service to people across Australia through our online store. We want your online shopping experience to be easy and convenient. Thus we offer fast shipping anywhere in the country. Find the Rockwell saw you need for your next construction or woodworking project and get all the supplies you need in one simple online order and get it delivered to your front door. Buying the hardware tools should be the easier part of your project. 

If you have questions about our Rockwell saws, contact us for assistance from our knowledgeable staff.