Pressure Sprayer

Buy a Quality Garden Pressure Sprayer That Fits Your Gardening Needs

Shop for the ideal garden pressure sprayer to suit your gardening needs. Hardware Shop To You offers a broad selection of high-quality sprayers for the application of any chemicals, insecticides, herbicides, fertilisers, or anything else you want to apply to your plants. 

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Your Garden Sprayer

When you’re buying a garden pressure sprayer, keep these tips in mind to get the most value from your product. 

  • Choose the right tank size. This is key to finding the sprayer that will help you be most effective with your gardening. If you want to spritz indoor, potted plants with a plant food solution, you can most likely use a one-litre handheld sprayer while a larger vegetable garden might require a sprayer tank that holds five to eight litres for you to work efficiently without needing to refill multiple times. 
  • Find a sprayer that suits your gardening needs. Look for a sprayer with functional features that will make gardening easier. If you need to spray under leaves but don’t want to get on your hands and knees to do it, make sure you choose a garden sprayer with an adjustable extension nozzle or hose that will help you reach those awkward spots with ease. For a larger garden or small farm, you would benefit from a 16-litre spray tank with backpack straps for greater comfort. 
  • Always wash your sprayer after use. If you’ve used chemicals in your sprayer bottle, be sure to wash it between uses to increase the lifespan of your product. When you leave the chemicals or residue in the sprayer, it will break down the material over time, and you’ll have to replace it sooner. Make your sprayer last longer by taking good care of it. 

Problems Hardware Shop To You’s Trigger Sprayer Selection Addresses

If you’ve had a hard time finding the right sprayer for your garden, shop the selection of sprayers at Hardware Shop To You to end your search. 

  • We carry the top-quality brand of trigger sprayers from Hills, an Australian company known for being the best in the industry. Through experience, we know these are the best garden sprayers on the market, which is why we sell them in our store. 
  • You will find a variety of sizes and styles to meet all your gardening needs. We stock one-litre, handheld sprayers to sixteen-litre industrial-size sprayer packs and everything in between for the home gardener to the industrial farmer. 
  • Hardware Shop To You is your one-stop-shop for all gardening supplies - you can get all your gear in a single online order with fast shipping. Now you don’t have to drive around to a ton of hardware and gardening stores to find the sprayers and tools you need. 

Why Hardware Shop To You is Cost-Effective

We have been selling hardware tools and supplies for over 30 years, and we’re happy to offer our incredible selection and excellent customer service to all Australians through our online store, bringing high-quality brands straight to your doorstep. We want to make your shopping experience hassle-free and provide fast shipping to anywhere in Australia with a wide variety of products to help you get everything you need in one, simple order. Shop online for a garden sprayer that’s the right size and style whether you have indoor plants in your apartment or commercial gardening needs. 

If you have questions about our garden pressure sprayers, contact us for personal assistance from our knowledgeable staff.