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Find an Easier Way to Buy Your Favourite Wet & Forget Products

When it comes to tackling tough messes all around the house, few products help get the job done as quickly and efficiently as the Wet & Forget line of products. Whether you need an easy way to remove mould from surfaces indoors or outdoors, or you'd like to give your windows a good washing, these non-aggressive formulations are ideal. Do you frequently need to replenish your supply of these products, but find the entire process troublesome? 

Whatever the reason for your difficulty, there is an easier way to buy all the Wet & Forget products you require to keep your property looking fabulous. At Hardware Shop to You, we've taken the traditional experience entirely online — now you can browse the aisles from a comfortable chair instead. 

Common Mistakes People Make with Wet & Forget Moss & Mould Remover

The appearance of discolouration and stains on the side of your home from moss or mould is something every homeowner dreads. It's a frustrating battle between you and nature, and often, it feels like nature has the upper hand. When you know how to apply Wet & Forget properly, you can eliminate those stains quickly. Just be careful to watch out for mistakes such as:

  • Rubbing and scrubbing after application. There's no need to waste energy trying to scrub the mould away; the natural action of the cleaner combined with the elements will help to remove the build-ups over time. 
  • Applying too little or too much of the formula. Too little and it won't be as effective as it could be; too much and you'll end up wasting product without any additional results. 
  • Using the product just before it rains. It's important to allow Wet & Forget to have time to seep into the material you're treating, so avoid applications when rain is in the forecast.

The benefit of this product is right in the name: apply it, walk away, and worry less. It's that simple. 

The Benefits of Buying Wet & Forget Window Witch from Hardware Shop to You 

Why should you start purchasing Wet & Forget products such as Window Witch or Shower Witch from Hardware Shop to You? You'll find that shopping with us carries with it plenty of perks you'll love to enjoy, including:

  • The ability to stock up on large volumes without the need to carry it all from the store to your vehicle and then into your home. 
  • Better prices, so your spend yields more results, and you can plan to keep your place clean over the long term.
  • Friendly customer support and assistance whenever necessary. We welcome your questions at any time about these products or anything else we provide for sale. 

About Hardware Shop to You 

As the online presence for a hardware shop in business for more than 30 years now, we're excited to bring our commitment to good customer service and excellent products to a wider audience. From our broad selection to our helpful assistance, we've made sure you can find everything you need right here. Need help before you buy a product such as Wet & Forget Shower Witch? Let us know what we can do for you today.