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Discover the Versatility of the Australian Made Sky Dry Clotheslines Maxi 300 Wall Mounted Folding Frame Clothesline

The Maxi 300 is a top-of-the-line folding frame clothesline that exemplifies the ingenuity of Australian craftsmanship.  Thoughtfully designed and locally made by the skilled team at Sky Dry Clotheslines, this product boasts exceptional quality and durability.

Versatility for Any Living Space

One of the standout features of the Maxi 300 is its wall-mounted design, making it ideal for homes with limited outdoor space.  Whether you have a small backyard, balcony, or courtyard, this folding frame clothesline seamlessly fits into any area. Utilize vertical space to its maximum potential and keep your laundry area neat and clutter-free.

Ample Drying Space

The Maxi 300 provides ample drying space for your laundry needs.  Arm size of 1500mm, with 14 lines giving you a total of 42m in length, you can easily hang a generous amount of laundry in one go.  

Sturdy and Australian Made

The Maxi 300 is built to withstand the harsh Australian weather conditions, ensuring it remains reliable for years to come.  Crafted with precision from locally sourced materials, this wall-mounted clothesline is a testament to the craftsmanship of Australian manufacturers.

Space-Saving Folding Frame

The folding frame feature of the Maxi 300 adds an element of practicality and space-saving functionality.  When not in use, simply fold it down against the wall to create more space in your outdoor or indoor area.  It’s slim profile ensures it stays inconspicuous and does not obstruct your living space.

Easy Installation and Use

Installing the Maxi 300 is a breeze, and we provide all the necessary hardware for a hassle-free setup.  Once mounted, you'll find the clothesline incredibly user-friendly, allowing for easy extension and retraction as needed.


Simplify your laundry days and invest in a durable, locally made clothesline that will meet all your drying needs.