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Wet & Forget Moss and Mould Remover 5L

Wet & Forget Moss and Mould Remover 5L


Main Features:

  • 5L concentrate producing 30L of product
  • Removes moss, mould, lichen, algae and black fungi
  • Contains no bleach or harsh chemicals
  • Easy to use, dilute with water into a garden sprayer
  • No scouring, scrubbing or water blasting required
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Say Goodbye to Moss and Mould with Wet & Forget Moss & Mould Remover: 2L or 5L

Tired of dealing with stubborn moss and mould growth on your outdoor surfaces?  Wet & Forget Moss and Mould Remover is the ultimate solution you've been looking for. Available in two convenient sizes - 2L and 5L, this powerful formula is designed to tackle moss, mould, lichen, algae, and other unsightly growths, making your outdoor areas look pristine and inviting once again.

Wet & Forget Moss and Mould Remover Size Options:

The 2L size of Wet & Forget Moss and Mould Remover is perfect for smaller cleaning projects or for those who need a convenient, easy-to-store option.  For those facing larger cleaning projects or dealing with extensive moss and mould growth, the 5L size of Wet & Forget Moss and Mould Remover is the way to go.  This larger container provides excellent value for money and ensures you have enough solution to cover extensive areas.

Powerful and Long-Lasting Results

Regardless of which size you choose, both the 2L and 5L options of Wet & Forget Moss and Mould Remover deliver powerful and long-lasting results.  The unique formula works over time, removing moss, mould, and other growths without the need for scrubbing or pressure washing. With just one application, you can enjoy cleaner, moss-free surfaces for an extended period, making maintenance a breeze.

Safe and Gentle on Surfaces

Wet & Forget Moss and Mould Remover is not only effective but also safe to use on various surfaces.  Unlike harsh chemical cleaners, this product is biodegradable and non-caustic, protecting your outdoor surfaces, plants, and pets from harm.  You can confidently apply it to any surface, including wood, concrete, asphalt, tiles, and even fabric, without worrying about damage or discoloration.

With Wet & Forget Moss and Mould Remover in your cleaning arsenal, you can bid farewell to moss, mould, and other unsightly growths that mar the beauty of your outdoor spaces.  Choose the 2L size for targeted cleaning projects or opt for the 5L size for extensive areas - both options offer powerful and long-lasting results.  Experience the convenience, effectiveness, and safety of Wet & Forget Moss and Mould Remover and rejuvenate your outdoor surfaces with ease.  Head to our online store today to select the perfect size for your needs and reclaim your outdoor areas from stubborn moss and mould.


Say Goodbye to Outdoor Cleaning Hassles with Wet & Forget Rapid Application!

If you're like most people, outdoor cleaning tasks can be a real headache.  Whether it's dealing with moss-covered roofs, algae-infested decks, or moldy fences, the struggle is real!  But fear not, because we have the perfect solution to make your life easier and your outdoors sparkling clean - Wet & Forget Rapid Application Exterior Cleaning Solution!

Cleaning Made Fast and Effortless

This powerful formula is designed to work wonders without the need for scrubbing or pressure washing.  Yes, you heard that right - no scrubbing!  Simply attach it to your standard garden hose, and you're all set to blast away those outdoor stains.

Versatility that Impresses

Wet & Forget Rapid Application is your one-stop solution for a wide range of outdoor surfaces.  From roofs to decks, fences to driveways, this superhero of cleaning can handle it all!  Its magic formula targets moss, mould, algae, and lichen, giving your outdoors a fresh lease of life.

Eco-Friendly - Gentle on Nature

We care about the environment just as much as you do, and that's why Wet & Forget Rapid Application is formulated to be eco-friendly.  This means it's safe to use around your precious plants and furry friends.  No need to worry about harmful chemicals or bleach that could harm the ecosystem.  Clean with a conscience and embrace the green cleaning revolution!

Ready-to-Use - No More Mixing Mishaps

Who has the time or patience to mix and dilute cleaning solutions?  Not you!  That's why Wet & Forget Rapid Application comes to the rescue as a ready-to-use product.  No measuring, no mixing, no fuss!  Just connect your hose to the sprayer, and you're good to go.  This not only saves precious time but also ensures you get the perfect cleaning solution every time without any room for error.

Long-Lasting Results

Cleaning your outdoor spaces is a task you'd rather not do frequently.  We get it, and that's why Wet & Forget Rapid Application keeps working for up to a whole year!  Say goodbye to rapid regrowth of moss, algae, and other outdoor stains.

Your Ultimate Outdoor Cleaning Sidekick

So, if you're tired of battling with outdoor stains and wasting precious time scrubbing and cleaning, it's time to call in the reinforcements.  Wet & Forget Rapid Application is the ultimate sidekick you need to win the war against moss, mould, algae, and lichen.  Cleaning has never been so efficient, fast, and hassle-free!

Let this exterior cleaning solution do the hard work, while you sit back and enjoy your beautifully cleaned surroundings. Happy cleaning, folks!


Discover the Magic of Wet & Forget Indoor Sanitising Cleaner - Your Ultimate Solution for Mould and Mildew Woes!

Mould and mildew stains can be a real nightmare to deal with.  They not only make our homes look unsightly but also pose health risks to our loved ones.  If you've been on the hunt for a safe, effective, and easy-to-use solution to keep your home clean and healthy, look no further!  Introducing Wet & Forget Indoor Sanitising Cleaner - your new best friend in the battle against mould and mildew!

Banish Mould and Mildew Stains with Ease

Wet & Forget Indoor Sanitising Cleaner is specially designed to target and remove those stubborn mould and mildew stains that seem impossible to get rid of.  Its powerful formula penetrates deep into the surface, breaking down and eliminating the spores responsible for mould and mildew growth.  Not only does it remove the visible stains, but it also works to prevent future mould and mildew from taking hold.

Breathe Easy with Non-Toxic, Vapour-Free Formula

Keeping your home clean and healthy shouldn't come at the cost of exposing your family to harmful chemicals and fumes.  That's why Wet & Forget Indoor Sanitising Cleaner boasts a non-toxic, bleach-free formula, free from any harmful vapours.  You can rest easy knowing that it's safe to use around children, pets, and even those with respiratory sensitivities.  Cleaning your home has never been this worry-free!

Tackle Damp Areas and More

Wet and humid areas like bathrooms and basements can be breeding grounds for mould and mildew.  But fear not, because Wet & Forget Indoor Sanitising Cleaner is up to the task!  It’s effectiveness shines even in the most damp environments, keeping mould and mildew at bay and your home healthy.

But wait, there's more!  This versatile cleaner isn't limited to just bathrooms and basements.  It's perfect for use in the kitchen too, including on food contact surfaces.  With its safe and residue-free formula, you can maintain a clean and hygienic kitchen without any worries.

And if that's not enough, Wet & Forget Indoor Sanitising Cleaner is your go-to solution for various surfaces, walls, and floors.  Even your laundry will benefit from its mould and mildew stain and odour-removing prowess.

Say Goodbye to Mould and Mildew Woes

So, let's recap what makes Wet & Forget Indoor Sanitising Cleaner the ultimate solution for your home:

•    Powerful mould and mildew stain remover: Say goodbye to unsightly stains.
•    Prevents future growth: It keeps mould and mildew from making a comeback.
•    Non-toxic and vapour-free formula: It's safe for your family and the environment.
•    Versatile: Use it on multiple surfaces, in the kitchen, basement, and even in your laundry.

With Wet & Forget Indoor Sanitising Cleaner, you can confidently keep your home clean, fresh, and healthy, without any hassle.  Embrace a mould and mildew-free living space and welcome the peace of mind that comes with it.  Get your hands on Wet & Forget Indoor Sanitising Cleaner today and bid farewell to those pesky mould and mildew woes for good!