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How to choose the perfect garden sprayers

When you’re buying a garden pressure sprayer, keep these tips in mind to get the most value from your product.

  • Choose the right size: Finding the sprayer that will help you most effective with your gardening. If you want to spritz indoor, potted plants with a plant food solution, you can most likely use a 1L handheld sprayer bottle. Larger sprayers can hold 5, 8 or even 12L, perfect for you to work outdoors efficiently without needing to refill multiple times.
  • Find a sprayer that suits your gardening needs: Look for a sprayer with functional features that will make gardening easier. Every day Garden sprayers can be used for most herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers and cleaners, however Heavy-Duty sprayers have more resistant seals suitable for more harsh chemicals.
  • Always wash your sprayer after use: If you’ve used chemicals in your sprayer bottle, be sure to wash it between uses to increase the lifespan of your product. When you leave the chemicals or residue in the sprayer, it will break down the material over time, and you’ll have to replace it sooner. Make your sprayer last longer by taking good care of it.
  • Battery Powered Sprayers: Battery Powered sprayers offer more precision and control than conventional pump sprayers, and ensures a consistent application of the product. These sprayers make the application process quicker and easier, evenly distribution products for all applications.

Types of Garden Sprayers

  • Trigger sprayer
  • Garden Pressure sprayer
  • Heavy duty pressure sprayer
  • Cordless Battery Powered sprayer

Our Pressure sprayers are ideal for use around the home and garden, and have a wide array of applications for cleaning, gardening and watering. Our range offers a variety of sprayers of varying quality and sizes, as a well as the option for cordless battery powered sprayers. From trigger sprayers to backpack sprayers, garden sprayers are a necessity around the home and garden.