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What You Should Know About A Rockwell Battery & Charger

One of the most innovative aspects of Rockwell’s cordless tools is the Rockwell battery system. With multiple devices utilising the same battery packs, you can swap batteries between tools and charge them all in the same charger. Here are a few things you should know about this time and space-saving system:

  • For most hobbyists and occasional power tool user, a single charger will be able to handle their needs, even across multiple tools. Once you have purchased a device that includes the charger, you can buy the other tools alone with no charger.
  • Those who use their Rockwell tools often, likely already know the benefit of having multiple chargers. While these powerful batteries perform much work before running out of power, you never want to be without a spare in the charger.
  • Even when your batteries do run out of power, it only takes 60 minutes to get a full charge, so your tools won’t be out of commission for long.


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