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At Hardware Shop To You, we have a range of Quell smoke alarms and detectors to keep you and your home safe.  A smoke alarm is required by law in Australia to be installed on every floor of a home.  When it comes to replacing these life-saving devices, you should choose a brand with years of experience in this industry.

Quell is a reputable brand with the goal of safety, keeping families and their homes protected.  This trusted brand has been keeping Australian homes safe for over a century.


About Quell Smoke Alarms

When it comes to fire safety, Quell is one of the most well-known names in Australia. With over 100 years of experience protecting homes in Australia, Quell are designed to detect different types of fires that can be found in various parts of the home.

Hardware Shop To You sells a variety of alarms that come from their comprehensive and affordably priced range of products. These personal safety products help detect a fire in your home in time to keep you protected.  Below are the most helpful alarms sold on our website.


Quell Photoelectric Smoke Alarms

    Quell Photoelectric Q301 -  This bedroom/hallway smoke detector is designed to detect slow-burning fires, burning foam, rubber, or synthetic material in the bedrooms and hallways of homes.
    Quell Photoelectric Q301H -  This smoke alarm is designed to detect slow-burning fires, burning foam, rubber, or synthetic material in home kitchens.

Quell Ionisation Smoke Alarm

    Quell Q946 Ionisation -  This living area smoke detector is designed to detect fast flaming fires or those started by burning paper, wood, and flammable liquids in the living area of homes.

Quell Carbon Monoxide Alarm

     Quell Q7DCO Carbon Monoxide Alarm -   This carbon monoxide alarm is designed to decect the early presence of carbon monoxide emitted from gas sources such as heating and cooking systems, vehicle engines, fuels and blocked chimneys.


Here are some of the features you can expect:

    9v battery operated with included batteries
    Test/Hush button for checking the alarm without setting it off
    Australian Fire Safety Standard Certified
    Easy to install yourself
    Low battery alert
    Comes with a 10-year warranty


The Benefits of Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors come with several benefits that help keep you and your home safe.  Installing a detector in every room, including hallways, increases your chances of being alerted in time to respond to an emergency.

The biggest benefits of having a working smoke detector in your home are to:

    Keep everyone in the home, including pets, safe
    Decrease the risk of fire damage
    Provide 24/7 protection

Residents who don't have a working detector in their home are three times more likely to risk their lives in the event of a fire. Having a detector will keep you alert when you're asleep or nowhere near the fire, so you have time to call for help.


What Makes Quell's Different?

Quell provides the most comprehensive range of products with the most user-friendly features. Their safety technology is the result of vigorous research and development.  They have the most innovative alarms on the market because of their dedication to protecting people and their homes from fire.  All of their products have undergone comprehensive testing to ensure their quality before hitting the market.

Purchase Today

Quell sells products that you can trust.  Each product is designed with the best quality to guarantee you are alerted at the first sign of a fire. Purchase one of the top-of-the-line Quell products from our store today to keep your home and your family safe.