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Hills is synonymous with the classic Australian dream of living comfortably in a big house with a large plot of land.  These lines were created as a practical design solution for making laundry day easier.  They will help your laundry dry faster while being kind to the planet.

Today, Hills clotheslines are one of Australia’s most recognisable home care products.  The brand created an innovative and superior solution to drying clothes and, they continue to evolve their offerings to create better products and offer more to Australians.  There is a good reason you see them hung up across yards around the country.

Purchase a Hills product today to save money and help your clothes last longer than you would when using a standard dryer


Benefits of using a clothesline rather than a dryer

You won’t have to spend much time weighing the benefits of using these lines over a standard dryer.  Some benefits of using one of our Hills clothesline include:

  • Gentle on clothing – dryers will wear out fabrics more quickly because of the tumbling and tossing of your clothes in the machine.
  • Removes odour – sunlight helps kill the odour causing bacteria in fabrics and replaces it with the fresh smells of nature.
  • Saves energy – the dryer is the third most energy-consuming home appliance.  A clothesline will save you money and energy and won’t heat your house in the summer.
  • Safer – many Australians risk a house fire when they don’t empty their dryers lint filter after every use.  You don’t have to worry about the line when you switch to a clothesline.
  • No surprise wrinkles – You can leave you clothes on the line for extra time without worrying about wrinkles that your laundry would get while lying in a dryer.  No more getting stuck putting your clothes through a second dryer cycle or spending hours ironing.


Hills compared to other brands

One of the most significant benefits of investing in a line from Hills is the dedication to making daily life easier.  Hills clotheslines have been trusted by Australians for generations, no matter where they live.  Since the beginning, they’ve been delivering on a promise of quality made products.

Hills utilises quality design and materials to ensure you’re getting a product that can last.  You may never need to buy another line again when you purchase a Hills clothesline.


All products are sold with the guarantee that they are free from defects in the material and workmanship.  Each Hills product line has its own warranty period.  Check the product manual or the product page for the warranty period by clicking the link provided below.

Warranty is subject to Hills terms and conditions.

Warranty claims can be submitted directly through Hills customer experience team.


Different Type of Clotheslines

Each style of product has its own advantages which will help you determine which type is best for you.  Below are the advantages of the different types of clotheslines Hills has to offer.


Hills Clothes Airers

Airers are portable, mobile clotheslines that provide versatility of hanging the washing indoors or outdoors.  A Hills portable clothes airer allows those who have limited space to take advantage of a convenient way to dry clothes.  Being portable the airer is easy to move around unfolded and then, position the airer for hanging out the washing.  When not in use the airer can be folded flat for easy storage behind a door.  To preserve the clothes airer it is recommended to store indoors away from the elements.


Suitability         Perfect for hanging the laundry indoors or outdoors

Usage             Portable, lightweight and versatile making it easy to move around and store flat conveniently behind doors

Ideal                Use indoors when it’s wet outside and great for units, balconies or small spaces


Hills Retracting Clothesline

A Hills retracting clothesline provides space-saving benefits that are easy to see—when not in use, you can simply detach and it will retract back into the unit.  The mounting options are wall to wall, wall to post or post to post (post kits sold separately).  Turn any space, even a narrow one, into a clothesline and the benefit is focused on saving space.


Suitability         Positioned outdoors but also in garages, carports, balconies or long narrow spaces

Usage              Mounting options; wall to wall, wall to post, post to post (post kits sold separately)

Ideal                Retractable clotheslines are not subject to dust and dirt in the environment when they are retracted, keeping the lines and your clothes cleaner.


Hills Folding Frame Clothesline

The Hills folding frame clotheslines are ideal in situations when space is restricted and suitable to install on the side of the house or for small backyards.  Hills have convenient sizes like the mini, compact, long line, single or double suitable for villas, townhouses, small backyards or narrow spaces.  The folding frame clothesline can be wall mounted or post mounted and conveniently folds down when the space is needed.


Suitability         Positioned outdoors or great as a second clothesline undercover for wet days

Usage              Has two mounting options for walls or post kits (post kits sold separately)

Ideal                For restricted, narrow and compact outdoor spaces


Hills Rotary Clothesline

The Hills rotary hoist clothesline is one of the most iconic home products of all time.  Where traditional clotheslines stretched across an entire property, the Hills rotary clothesline keeps everything compact without sacrificing hanging space for drying clothes.  The rotary clothesline is an outdoor clothesline with the product range having a variety of line space sizes, the largest holding king sheets.


Suitability         Positioned outdoors

Usage              Ground mounted and can be folded and removed from the ground socket when you need to reclaim your backyard for extra space

Ideal                For families with large wash loads, perfect for drying for sheets, blankets, and quilts


Finding the right clothesline

Evaluate your options of space, position, accessibility and how much laundry needs to be dried.  This will help you decide whether an indoor airer or outdoor clothesline is suitable for your needs.  Our Hills clothesline range has different style options, line space, prices and sizes, take a look at the range we carry.


How much weight they hold

Each Hills airer or clothesline has weight restrictions depending on the size and type of product.  Many of the Hills hoists clotheslines are designed to hold queen or king sheets plus a large load of laundry.  Be sure to check out the product pages to read the specifications and find the product suitable for your needs.


Purchase your Hills product

If you are ready to revolutionize the way you do laundry, try a Hills clothesline product.  You will get a quality product that lasts.