Hills Hoist

Where to Buy a Hills Hoist

The Hills Hoist is a product that needs little introduction. For Australian customers, the Hills rotary hoist is one of the most iconic home products of all time. Invented in 1945 by Lance Hill, a World War II veteran, the first Hills rotary clothesline was cobbled together from an old pipe. Even despite the use-what’s-around origin, though, the design of the hoist caught on and became a hallmark of yards across Australia. If you are looking for a genuine Hills rotary setup, or need parts to repair or maintain your existing hoist, you’ve come to the right place.

What Sets Hardware Shop to You Apart Regarding the Hills Hoist

At Hardware Shop to You, we are proud to stock the iconic Hills rotary design. If you are shopping for this type of product, you can count on us to provide a high level of quality with superior customer service and assurance. Here are a few factors that set us apart from other similar retailers:

  • Our longevity. Brands come and go every day, but not us! We have been operating since 1970 and are still bringing the finest in hardware products to our customers to this day. From laundry clotheslines to garden supplies to houseware, we have proudly supplied generations of Australians with many types of products.
  • Our quick shipping. Online shopping is convenient in a lot of ways but waiting for a product to arrive can be frustrating. If your Hills hoist breaks and you need a new Hills rotary folding latch, you want it as quickly as possible. We understand this need and always ship out orders the next business day to ensure quick-as-possible deliveries.
  • Our easy returns. Accidentally ordered the wrong product? No worries: we offer a 30-day window for returns or exchanges so that customers can buy with more confidence.

Benefits of the Hills Hoist Rotary Clothesline

These days, the Hills rotary hoist is so popular that Hills continues to sell nearly five million hoists each year. Why does this almost-65-year-old product continue to attract such loyalty? 

  • The space-saving design. When Lance Hill devised the rotary hoist prototype, his goal was to save space in his backyard. Where traditional clotheslines sometimes stretch across an entire property, the Hills rotary clothesline keeps everything compact without sacrificing hanging space for drying clothes.
  • The size and capacity. Speaking of the size of the Hills hoist, today’s models are big enough to fit king-size sheets. In other words, they’re big enough to fit just about anything you might need to dry.
  • Durability. Today’s hoists aren’t like the first one, crafted of pipe that Lance Hill had lying around. Instead, they are made from galvanised steel and aluminium and constructed to the specs of a well-proven design. The result is a durable piece of hardware—so durable that each hoist comes backed by a 10-year warranty.

About Hardware Shop to You

Though our business started as a brick-and-mortar operation, Hardware Shop to You—our online eCommerce store—has enabled us to serve all of Australia. Our goal is always to provide the highest quality products from the very best brands—a mission that we meet with the Hills hoist. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.