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Bug Killa Richgro Granular Garden Insecticide 250g Systemic Protection

Bug Killa Richgro Granular Garden Insecticide 250g Systemic


Main Features:

  • Richgro Bug Killa is a systemic insecticide that is taken up by the plants roots to control pests.
  • Safer to use and more convenient than aphid and mealy bug sprays
  • A 250g bottle treats up to 500 plants 
  • Ideal for use in both garden beds and flower pots
  • Granular – easy to use with no mixing and no spraying

Richgro, an Australian-owned company that offers a range of gardening and horticultural products, was founded in 1916 and has since become a leading supplier of garden and lawn care products in Australia.

At Hardware Shop To You we offer pest control products that can help protect your plants from common garden pests. The products are formulated with safe, natural ingredients and are designed to be effective without harming the environment. Check the famous Richgro Bug Killa and the Richgro Fruit Fly Spray.

Those products are designed to provide gardeners with the tools and resources they need to create healthy and thriving gardens. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced gardener, we can help you achieve your gardening goals and create a beautiful outdoor space.